Norsehammer wargaming club

We are a gaming club who play mainly Warhammer 40 000 and Age of sigmar. We are located in Rogaland, but mainly in Stavanger, Bryne, Nærbø and jæren.

A gaming club for everyone

We want to be an including gaming club, open to everyone in the hobby. We know and respect that there is alot of aspects to this hobby and we want to embrace all of it. We have people who are competitive in painting and gaiming, we hare people who love the lore and people who just want to enjoy a game of warhammer and some beers. We are a great community for Warhammer intresst.

Club house and meeting arena

We have a club house at Nærbø, but we encourage our members to meet and play every Thursday at Victory Point at Bryne. We also know there are people meeting up to play at Dragons Nest every Tuesday and pickup games at Outland aswell.

For games, just contact us on facebook, discord or messenger.

Club armies

The club have several club owned armies. These are available for paying members. You dont need to be a paying member to be a member of Norsehammer, but this is one of the benefits.

We do have club armies in most games such as 40K, AOS, LOTR, Warcry etc. All armies are located at Nærbø, but can be brought to other locations. Just get approval of one in the leadergroup so we know who has them.

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Chat groups

We are a social wargaming club We have active messenger groups and a discord. Please just contact us to get invited to the groups. We also have a paying member group for those who are paying members

Events and tournametns

We are hosting severing events each year for members and none members, biggest of them all is Norsehammer open with 120 attendees. We also do small 6mann events and Charity events to raise money for local organisations.

We also travel to events around in Norway, we try to arrange transport together and social gatherings at the events.

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