Please note that all rules may be changed up to the tournament.


The painting rulepack

Age of sigmar rulepack.

This is a living document that will be updated up to the event.

Warhammer 40k rulepack

This is a living document that will be updated up to the event.

Blood bowl rulepack

This is a living document that will be updated up to the event.

Horus heresy rulepack

This is a living document that will be updated up to the event.


When is the cutoff date?

We dont have a cuttoff time. We have experienced several times that our event lands on important FAQs that fixes up big issues in the game. We want to reserve the right to include those changes.

What is no FAQ no go?

If there is not a FAQ for your army book, you cant play it.

whats the date for list submitting?

Check the rulepack for your system. Usually 1-2 weeks before the event.

What happens if a Faq is released after list submitting, can we change our lists?

It depends on what the FAQ is. We did allow it in 2021 for Age of Sigmar. But they also had 2 FAQs, we allowed it for the first, and let players change traits for the second. There is no precedence for either, but we will do what we think is best for the event and players attending our tournament.

What happens if i dont follow the painting/convertion rules?

If they are not followed we will remove the models.

We understand the rules may be stricked, but we know people are attending the event with differant angels to the hobby, we want you and all your opponents to have the best time possible.

And it amazes us each year to see that people that took a minimalistic aproach always do put in that effort to get within the rules even tho painting may not be what they are playing this game for. AWESOME.

why the rules abour forgeworld?

Up to Norsehammer Open 2020 we had a stricked no forgeworld allowed. We change that to include those amazing models.

But Forgeworld has a history of having broken rules that are not fun to play against. Even tho GW themselfs now write the rules we still see a few units spammed across the room. And I would guess we would see even more if we allowed convertions etc.

Can i paint my entire army the same color and still play it as 2 detachments in 40k?

Yes. But you need some way that you and your opponent easily can see what detachment is what.

I have questions, where can i contact you?

How will the terrain layout be for 40K?

It will not change much from the 2021 event. It is a good starting point. We will at some point release a terrain map in the 40K updated rulepack. This will be a work in process and we will add maps as we take pictures and test the tables. Starting on top tables.

Will there be ranked talbes?

For Warhammer 40 000 it will be ranked tables.

Will the tables be identical for 40K?

Top 6 tables will be identical. Rest will not be identical.

How will pairing and placing matrix be?

Please check rulepacks.