To register for our event you need to buy a ticket then register in to the best coast pairings app and pick up your badge at the event. information below

How to do the


Buy a ticket

First you need to buy your ticket.

Register at beast coast parings

Then you need to register to the best coast pairings app

Pick up your badge at the event

At the morning of the event you pick up your badge.

Buy a ticket

Register to bcp

There is a link in your rulepack to the BCP event. All you need to do is click that link and you will be redirected to the BCP website.

Here you will need to put inn your information and you will be registered.

If you do not have an BCP account please register it.

If you do not have the BCP player app you need to download that before the event, as its where we submitt lists.


Do I need to register to bcp?


Do BCP Terms and condition apply?


When can i register to BCP?

As soon as you bought your ticket.

Where can i get my event badge?

At the entrance of the venue.