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Ticket for the Blood bowl event for Norsehammer Open.

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Nopen Ticket for the Blood Bowl event for Norsehammer Open.
We have 30 spots available.

9-10 March, 2024



4340 Bryne
Storgata 32



(May be subject to change)
9:45 Registration
10:00 Welcome and practical information
10:15 Game 1
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Game 2
16:15 Coffee
16:30 Game 3
19:30 Quiz time, beer and hang out.

Sunday 9:00 Venue open
9:15 Game 4
11:30 Lunch
12:15 Game 5
14:30 Coffee
14:45 Game 6
17:00 Game 6 finish
17:15 Award ceremony


The rulepacks can be found on the links below

BB Rulepack:


Food is not included in the price.

There are several resturants and fastfood places around the Lounge.


Rosters are purchased with a treasury 1,150,000 gold crowns.

All inducements listed in the Blood Bowl 2020 rulebook are permitted except: Mercenaries, Special Play Cards, and Team Wizards. Inducements from any other publications (such as Death Zone) cannot be taken.

As per the 2020 rules; in tournament games, you do not receive the 1 free Dedicated Fans. Note that during the pre-match sequence no extra gold crowns are awarded for teams with a lower team value.

In addition to the starting skills on your roster all teams will have additional skills that they can add to their roster. Access to skills are split into 2 options and tiered as follows:

• Tier 1 Option A: 6 Primary skills • Tier 1 Option B: 3 Primary Skills & 1 Star Player • Tier 2 Option A: 6 Primary skills, 1 Secondary skill • Tier 2 Option B: 3 Primary Skills, 1 Secondary skill & 1 Star Player • Tier 3 Option A: 6 Primary skills, 2 Secondary skills & 0-1 Star Players• Tier 3 Option B: 3 Primary Skills, 1 Secondary Skill and 2 Star Players

These additional skills are all allocated at the start of the tournament so they remain relevant for all 5 matches. The secondary skill(s) can be swapped to a primary skill if you wish. Skills are allocatedas “new skill” rolls specified as either “primary” or “secondary” as per the Improvement Rolls table. You may only select one additional skill per player. There is no restriction to skill duplication i.e. you may give several different players the same skill if you wish. Statistic improvements and random skills cannot be selected.

Blood Bowl team races are split into the following 3 tiers:

• Tier 1: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardman, Norse, Orc, Shambling Undead, Skaven, Underworld Denizens, Wood Elf, Vampire •

Tier 2: Black Orc, Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegade, Elven Union, High Elf, Human, Imperial Nobility, Khorne, Necromantic Horror, Old World Alliance, Slann, Tomb Kings•

Tier 3: Goblin, Halfling, Nurgle, Ogre, Snotling

Star Players

All rosters will have access to a reduced selection of star players at this years Nopen. If you wish to bring a star player on your rosters select the appropriate option from the skill options listed above. Remember, you will reduce the number of additional skills that are available to you by selecting a star player.

When rostering a Star player the following rules must be followed:

• You must first roster 11 regular players before adding a star player to your team.

• 0-1 star player can be rostered on teams listed in tier 1 or tier 2

• 0-2 star players can be rostered on teams listed in tier 3 • Star players that are selected as a pair (such as the Swift Twins) count as 2 Star players for the purposes of availability.

• If 2 coaches are drawn against each other with the same Star player on their roster, both players are permitted to use them.

Star players cannot be allocated additional skills

The following list of star players are NOT PERMITTED for selection by any team in this years Nopen:

• Bomber Dribblesnot

• Cindy Piewhistle

• Deeproot Strongbranch

• Estelle La Veneaux • Griff Oberwald

• Hakflem Skuttlespike • Kreek ‘the Verminator’ Rustgouger

• Morg ’n’ Thorg • Varag Ghoulchewer

Submitting your rooster

Pre registration is required at this years Nopen. submitting your roster on time is the first tie breakerduring the event. Buy your ticket at and registrate on Tourplay(Nopen Bloodbowl 24 ).

Please be sure to include the following information in your roster:

• Your NAF name and number• Team race

• All calculations for team cost

• Additional skills selected (Rosters that do not include all of the above will be rejected during the roster checking process and risk being marked as late. )

• Questions can be sendt to or ask in the discord chat.

Tournament Scoring

After each round tournament points will be awarded as follows: Win: 2 points / Draw: 1 point / Loss: 0 points

When your game is complete you need to submit your results on this Tourplay. Please include your touchdowns and casualties and double-check the data, both coaches are responsible for the results. We will also have paperresults slips as a backup should there be any technical difficulties. Only recordcasualties that would give Star Player Points, casualties causes by fouls, crowd pushes, failed dodges, bombs, stabs, chainsaws etc. do not count.

After round 5 final standings a winner will be declared. Players on the same points will be separated by the following tiebreakers:

• 1. Submitted roster in Tourplay on time (01.03.24)

• 2. Opponent Score – the sum of all opponent’s tournament points, also known as strength of schedule.

• 3. Fewest Star Players

• 4. Net Touchdowns + Net Casualties

• 5. Net Touchdowns

• 6. Net Casualties

• 7. Touchdowns Scored

• 8. Casualties Inflicted

• 9 Random (unless for an award; in which case we will have a Pop-and-Lock Dance

Additional information


Dinner on Saturday, Food boundle, Lunch on Saturday, No food included