Our history

We are a gaming club who play mainly Warhammer 40 000 and Age of sigmar. We are located in Rogaland, but mainly in Stavanger, Bryne, Nærbø and jæren.

The beginning

Norsehammer startet out with the name “Drittunger”.

It started out as a World of Warcraft club between friend back in start of WoW. When we started playing Warhammer we continued the name to the club as we owned the domene.

The nærbø group

From the start it was just a small group that started with the 3 Svaasand brothers and belge, with Kenneth, Tore and Royi joining from the start.

We played at Tommys house. Belge and Frank also wrote alot on the blog during this time, and started hosting some RTTs.

Started traveling

Belge and Frank started traveling to tournaments not long after. Both Armacon, Invasion, Winter Wars and NM at Ekeberg was places we traveled. After a few trips the other also started joining us.


Daniel, Nico and other started to contact us through the blog and started playing with us. This started Norsehammer as the club we know it today, expanding from the gorup of 7 friends to a community!


In 2014 Anders who was hosting Armacon decided to move, and Drittunger was asked to take over. We accepted and have since grown it to be the tournament it is today. It has been hosted each year and now been changed to Norsehammer Open


A few years ago we decided it was time for a new branding of the club and tournaments.

Even tho “Drittunger” will always be rememberd as the start for a group of friends, we hope Norsehammer will be known as the evolution to a community for everyone.