In the dead of night, where shadows morph into grotesque beings and fear seeps into the souls, lies a tale that will chill you to the very core. Welcome to Summer-slash-fest: Gorehammer, a bone-chilling AoS tournament that will test your deepest fears and leave you gasping for sanity.

Within the eerie and desolate town of Ravensworth, a dark secret lies buried beneath the fog-enveloped fields. Long forgotten by the world, this place has become a playground of unspeakable horrors, where madness and malevolence fester.

Legend tells of a cursed artifact known as the Gorehammer — an ancient weapon imbued with wicked powers that has the ability to unlock the gates to an unimaginable evil. It is said that anyone who wields this accursed instrument shall be consumed by its malefic aura, transforming into an abomination beyond imagination.

As the nightmarish tales of the Gorehammer resurface, a group of unsuspecting individuals finds themselves drawn to Ravensworth. Each with their own reasons for seeking the truth, they venture into the heart of darkness, unaware of the horrors that await them.

Guided by their curiosity and driven by their own demons, these individuals converge in Ravensworth, their arrival foretelling an ancient prophecy set to be fulfilled. As the moon rises high above, casting an unearthly glow upon the cursed grounds, the dark forces awakened by the Gorehammer begin to awaken, yearning for fresh souls to claim.

At Summer-slash-fest: Gorehammer, terror lurks around every corner, in the whispers of the wind and the flickering of shadows. As the night unfolds and the group delves deeper into the town’s malevolent secrets, they must confront their fears head-on, fighting for their own survival and the sanity that slowly slips away.

Buckle up for a horrifying ride into the heart of darkness, where the Gorehammer unleashed its wretched power. Prepare yourself to face your deepest fears, for once you enter Ravensworth, there is no turning back. Will you unearth the truth and break the curse, or will you become eternal prisoners of an unstoppable evil that feasts upon their souls?

Welcome to Summer-slash-fest: Gorehammer — a nightmare that will echo in your nightmares long after the final scores are tallied.


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