We have had a differant kind of year in 2021 due to Covid-19, and it has unfortunatly stopped all momentum we have had at our events.

Now the Escalation league is comming to an end the 25th of September. There is lessons to be learned but overall we are happy. It hasnt been easy for people with constant changing of dates of the event, but we have had great action in the messenger group and we can see people have painted up new armies. After all, painting a new army is primary in the escalation league with gaming secondary.

But we have had feedback that we need some more insentives for the gaming aspect aswell. This is something we will discuss for future escalation leagues.

We hope that as many people can attend our last event the 25th of september. 2000points, and voting for best painted army!

Next year

In 2022 its time for an Warhammer 40 000 escalation league. We have not decided on dates, formats or more yet. We know that the front of the year is always loaded with events such as Norsehammer Open, Charityhammer and usually someone is hosting RTTs before big events such as Nopen.

Below are some pictures from the member group.