28-30 January 2022

In 2021 we had our first charityhammer, raising 30 400,- NOK for the charity Semeg. 2022 we will be back! 28-30 January!


We will present our sponsors, and your prizes and winners during the event on our facebook page.


We will be steaming live for 48 hours on twitch.


Here you can find schedule for stream matches and prize raffel draw.

Buy raffel ticket here

Support "på hjul mot mobbing" and buy a raffel tocket

About charityhammer

Charityhammer is an event where Norsehammer try to raise money for charity through the norwegian community.

In 2021 we raised 30 400,- NOK for charity. An insane amount.

We aresponsored by Victory Point, Gamezone, Dragons Nest & Outland with prizes to win with buying raffel tickets.

The charity we raised money for in 2021 was Semeg. 

In 2022 we are back. We will stream for 48 hours straight and again try and raise money for charity.

All money will go to “På hjul mot mobbing”.