For Norsehammer 2022 we will bring back bounties! 

Bounties are a fun way to engage players during the event and to make every match fun.

What are bounties

Players submitted

Players submitt inn bounties to us, where you put a bountie on either a player or something happening. This player also says what they will get for achieving it.


Bounties are awarded imidietly and will be shown on the big screen. Also the dog tag will be passed around where the last one to achieve a bounty will keep it.
It will end after the staturday.

bounty list

Bounties will be placed in the hall and we will send them in to you in advance.

Bounties examples


Who can send in bounties?


How many bounties can I submitt?

As many as you would like. But we will check them before accepting them and will have last word if they are ok or not.

what prices should i supply?

There is no clear answer, but ask yourself if it is something you would have liked to win, or that its really fun.

where can i find the bounties?

We will hang them on the walls, aswell as sending them to you on email.

Is there a cut-off for sending bounties?

Yes, 4 weeks ahead of the event.

When do bounties end?

It ends on saturday after game 3.