About Norsehammer Open

Norsehammer Open changed name from Armacon back in 2020.


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About us


We have 60 attendance for each gaming system, hosting a total of 120 players for Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k


4-6 March. We always aim to host the event the first weekend of march.


BjĂždnaben 2, 4033 Stavanger.

Our history

Norsehammer open was founded back in 2012 by Anders. There was no tournament in Rogaland at that time. The first “Armacon” or Norsehammer Open was held in Sandnes and hosted 18 players. The first Armacon was won by Belge and his Drukhari.

After the first Armacon Anders hosted 2 more cons before Norsehammer was asked if they wanted to take over the event as Anders was moving to oslo.

Since then Norsehammer has hosted several Armacons.

Norsehammer Open started as a Warhammer 40 000 tournament but has evolved in to a multi system event.

We started out as a competitive event focusing on Nova format and hosting the best competitive format possible.

Since Gunnar joined us we have shifted the priorities to be be a more allround tournament. We want to be the best experience for everyone attending our tournament, and especially new players.

We are always looking for new ideas of how to make our tournament a better event to attend.