About us

Norsehammer is a gaming club that mainly play Warhammer 40 000 & Age of Sigmar. We also do streaming, painting introductions, tournaments and other small games.


You can find us on facebook, aswell as we do have messenger group where you can get invited


We ofter stream in twitch. Check us out.


We try to upload all streams to Youtube.

About Norsehammer

Norsehammer are a gaming community.

We have our own gaming house at Nærbø where we stream and meet to play.

We also play every Thursday at Victory Point at bryne. 

We also hope people play in Stavanger at both Dragons Nest and outland.

If you play miniatures in Rogaland we are a gaming group that would like to have you in our club. We are a fun bunch of people who are friends aswell as playing wargams together.

Norsehammer also host 1 big tournament in Norsehammer open and a Charity event to raise money for local organisations that need it.