Amiricon XII(13) – AOS RTT


Hoist: Amir
Location: Storgata 32, Bryne
Date: TBA

Husk rabattkoden om du er medlem.

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Ticket for Amiricon 13 AOS RTT by Norsehammer.

Norsehammer Lounge
Storgata 32, 4340 Bryne


10.15 – 10:30 -> Welcome and info
10.30 – 13.30 -> Round 1
14.00 – 17.00 -> Round 2
17.30 – 20.30 -> Round 3
20.30 – 20.45 -> Award ceromony and close out.

– 2000points, matched play rules, Generals Handbook 2022/2023 Season 2.

– List submission by 24.03.23 20:00 in the BCP app. Submit your list using the warscroll builder format or the official AoS App format.

– No cut off point for FAQs, rules update and new books other then the actual event day.

– White dwarf rules published for AoS 3.0 for matched play is in effect

– Grand strategy and battle tactics published in White dwarf and army books for matched play in AoS 3.0, are allowed and can be used.

– Keywords for garrisons, Wyldwood and Impassable will be placed by the TO.

– Bring all the tools and models necessary for playing 3 games of waaaghhammer.

– Box sets that are not matched play supported cannot be used.

– Bring a chess clock if you want to use one.


  • TBA

After payment, please register to BCP.

– 1 special paint challenge win prize, voted by players. VP staff will be the tie breaker:

«Sword in stone», paint a melee weapon, it can be attached to a limb (arm, hand, tentacle, claw etc), but not a “body” of a model. Put on a base, preferably less than a 160mm base. Basing and other creative solutions are yours to discover, use and misuse. Size of the weapon are not defined.

– 1 lottery draw prize

– 1 best general prize + trophy

– 1 wooden spoon (last place) trophy

Amount of prizes/trophies is dependent on how many players sign up.



For questions and praise, hit me up at


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