Norsehammer membership

To be a member of Norsehammer you dont need to buy a membership. But it will gain you some advantages such as these:

Club armies

We have several club armies in our club house for both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K. These can be used by members at our clubhouse or events.

Early access

You get early access to tickets for our events and merchandise.

Member chatgroup

We have a member chatgroup where you will be invited. Here all new information will be announced first.

Norsehammer shop

Norsehammer Open: Horus Heresy Ticket (30k)

Ticket for the Horus Heresy event for Norsehammer Open.

This is a “beer and pretzel event” run and less competitive.

More information here

Norsehammer Open: Blood Bowl Ticket

Ticket for the Blood bowl event for Norsehammer Open.


Om du ikke ønsker å kjøpe Lodd kan dere donere penger her.

Alt går til På Hjul mot mobbing

Buy now with

Sweater, 3 golden swords

Selectable size & shipping will come.

If you order now, please send in size & color in comment or in PM.

Freight will come extra if necessary.

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In 2021 we hosted our first ever Charityhammer. It’s an event where we stream Warhammer for 48+ hours straight and collect money for charity. 

Last year you donated 30 400,- NOK! Thats amazing! All money where given to the orginasation Se Meg.

In 2022 we are coming back stronger than ever and want to beat 30 400,-!

Date and organisation will be announced when we get closer. We expect it to be in January/Febuary.

Norsehammer Events

We in Norsehammer run several events, all from big 100++ singels events to 6 mann RTTs. We do escalations and narrative.

We want to make room for everyone, new players and experienced players alike.


Visit us at our facebook group


We stream atleast once a month to twitch. Watch our live games and engange with us.


We have our own podcast, we have it at spotify and itunes.


Latest news from Norsehammer.

Painting for beginners

We at Norsehammer will in cooperation with Victory Point host a painting introduction, it will be a  3 hours introduction where we will introduce basic techniques. The techniques we will go through are Basing Washing Read more…

Norsehammer Open 40K terrain

We have sent out an email with the 40K terrain keywords. This is just a post with a link to it.

Norsehammer leadergroup



Gunnar is Event head chief for Norsehammer open and metachaser in all gaming related games.


Crazy catlady

For some reason he this crazy cat lover does not live alone with houndreds of cats.


The painter

Has atleast painted 0 armies.



195 and still not top 2 talles in the leadergroup. Average at best.

Tor Erik


Tryes way to hard at everything.


The midget

The only verified midget in the club.